ReStore Donations

The Benefits to donating to Our ReStore are tremendous. You will:
  • Save money on removal and disposal costs. Ask us today about deconstruction – we may help you with the teardown
  • Avoid costly landfill and contribute to our earth’s sustainability
  • Gain a tax receipt for your donation of select materials or your cash donation (which we greatly appreciate!)
  • Feel good knowing your donation will help us give back to your community
  • Help us to raise money and support our mission of building affordable homes

Donation Guidelines

Item Description
Doors Includes exterior, interior, storm (with trim, screen and hardware), French, fire-rated, bifold, louvered, shutters, paneled
Windows Includes thermal, leaded, stained glass or other decorative windows.
Kitchen Units Includes cupboards, sinks, all fixtures.
Bathroom Includes claw foot tubs, sinks, vanities, medicine cabinets and undamaged mirrors.
Electrical/Lighting Includes wall, overhead, florescent fixtures, exterior, complete fans, breaker panels, boxes, wiring (we cannot accept any light bulbs, except LED bulbs).
Lumber (free of nails/screws please) Includes trim, baseboards, hardwood flooring (min 120 sq ft), tiles (min. 120 sq ft), paneling, plywood, cove moldings, lumber (minimum 8′ lengths).
Décor Includes home décor items, new unused tile, drapery hardware.
Construction Material Includes unused in-date caulking, glue, polyfila, boxed nails, bolts and screws.
Hardware Includes complete door, window and cabinet.
Furniture Only excellent condition desks, dressers, bed frames, table sets, etc.
Appliances Only clean, excellent working condition, washers, dryers, fridges, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves

* ReStore Management reserves the right to refuse donations based on ReStore requirements (needs) and the donation condition.

** On limited occasions, there may be times that we are not able to accept donations.

Please call ahead at 705-446-9740 to ensure our donation centre is open.

Thank You For Your Support! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle